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Dulcie Veluthukaran guides Konji Sen through edits on a new poem during the 2018 Experiment.

Work with accomplished coach Marcell Murphy and Houston's Third Poet Laureate, Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton  to transform your work from a whisper on page to a fire starter on stage. The Experiment offers an 6-week series where writers can work alongside some of the best poets in the nation to hone their craft and master memorizing and audience. In addition to group sessions, The Experiment boasts of personal one-on-one attention for every attendee that is sure to push your creativity. This program is provided in partnership with Inprint Houston.



Marcell Murphy is a poet, spoken word artist and writer from the Houston area, who has performed all over the United States, Canada and Jamaica, and has opened for legendary poet, Amiri Baraka. He was one of the founding members of the Houston Poetry Slam Team, the Houston VIP Slam Team and placed in the top 10 at the Individual World Poetry Slam Championships in 2004. He’s in print in The Complete Idiots Guide to Poetry Slams, and The Panhandler. In 2011, Marcell was chosen to take part in the Public Poetry reading series  

Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton is a mother, wife, educator, and first Black Poet Laureate of Houston, Texas. This seven-time National Poetry Slam Competitor, and Head Coach of the Houston VIP Poetry Slam Team, has been ranked the #2 Best Female Performance Poet in the World. Her work has appeared in Black Girl Magic (Haymarket Books) Houston Noir (Akashic Books), and I AM STRENGTH (Blind Faith Books) to name a few. Her work has also been highlighted on such platforms as BBC, Houston Public Media, ABC, PBS, Blavity, Tedx, and Upworthy. Her newest collection, Newsworthy, on Bloomsday Literary is available now.


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"The Experiment In Performance Poetry kicked off a new period in my writing. My background is literary and journalistic and I have not had an easy time putting my skills to use in writing for the stage. Efforts to be poetic have often left me with too many unnecessary words and not enough of the ones that really drive a piece in a compelling way spoken out loud. Ms. Mouton and Mr. Murphy helped me to expand the way I write, edit, and look at words so as to make the most of their sonic and storytelling potential. In addition, this class helped me to improve as a poet striving for publication. I learned how to make style and formatting serve the broader purpose of a poem before I submit it. This workshop helped me to feel secure in writing on emotionally challenging subjects that feel urgent to me, something I know will have a positive impact on my overall well-being in addition to my art. Thank you, Deborah ‘Deep’ Mouton and Marcell Murphy!"

-Eliza Swim, 2019 Attendee

I never thought that I would be excited about performing my poetry in front of an audience, but that is exactly where I find myself today after working with Marcell Murphy and Deborah D.E.E.P Mouton.  Their encouragement and excellence as instructors made a huge impact on how I see myself as a writer.  They pointed out the box I had placed myself into then helped me step right out of it.  I am thrilled with the progress they made possible in just four weeks.  I would wholeheartedly recommend The Experiment for any writer wanting to push beyond comfort zones to realize their full potential.  The space that they create is at once liberating and safe.  Marcell and Deborah are amazing!  I want to take this workshop again just to get more instruction from both of them. 

-Jamie Portwood, 2019 Attendee


Mentees crafting poems around self-imposed boundaries at our January 2019 Session at Inprint Houston.