The Colony Summit

Our next meeting is January 25, 2020

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for Writers of Color

The inaugural summit met July 14, 2018 at the Houston Public Library's Central Location.

Photo Credit Pin Lim

The Colony is a one of a kind space, in the city of Houston, where writers of color can meet to discuss how their culture intersects their craft. Writers of all genres are welcome. These quarterly meetings serve as time to collaborate, build community, and sharpen our craft. Meetings take place in January, April, July, November.

This program is a product of a partnership with The Houston Public Library, Tintero Projects, The Houston Department of Health, My Brother's Keeper, and the Mayor's Office of Education. While all meetings are free, preregistration is required.


Writers at a panel on fellowships and residencies at our January 2019 Meeting

Photo Credit: Patricia Garcia


Breakout sessions, lead by Lupe Mendez and Icess Fernandez-Rojas, push writers to research and create new work at our November 2018 summit.

Photo Credit: Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton